Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Next-Generation CIO -- IT Careers -- InformationWeek

The Next-Generation CIO -- IT Careers -- InformationWeek: "OUR NEW BASICS While much has changed for next-generation CIOs, much has stayed the same. The difference lies in the ability of these individuals to successfully juggle many conflicting priorities. Every one of these core capabilities is essential, not optional: developing talent, selling ideas, vendor management, and project management. It's the way and degree to which next-generation CIOs wrangle each of these areas that makes them different. 'Establishing vision and driving commercial direction are critical to the next generation of CIO leaders,' says Shawn Banerji, managing director of Russell Reynolds Associates, an executive search firm. Banerji is responsible for the firm's information officer practice in the New York region. 'You have to be a great salesperson, involve others, and gain commitments. It's critical that a company have a CIO successfully driving a compelling technology agenda and business plan.' Banerji says he focuses on specific competencies as they relate to the next-generation CIO: He's looking for a person who has very strong communication skills, is viewed as a trusted adviser, has particular functional expertise in IT, understands strategy, is results-oriented and data-driven, gathers intelligence on competitors, and is an exceptionally strong manager and negotiator. 'The reality is that it's a lot to contend with,' he says. Banerji estimates that only a third of the professionals he meets have the right stuff to be next-generation CIOs."

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